Car Ownership

How to Find a Good Auto Mechanic That You Can Trust

At Klipnik, we believe that buying a used car is one of the smartest — and easiest — ways to save money. It protects you from the #1 car ownership expense: depreciation. The trade off is that, in most cases, your used car purchase is no longer covered by a factory warranty. And that means you are stuck paying any repair bills out of your own pocket.

That may sound scary. But it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a knowledgeable mechanic that you can trust.

Used Car Repairs: When to Fix It and When Not To

No used car is perfect. They’ve all seen use and probably some abuse, been exposed to sun and wind and rain, endured muddy shoes and Starbucks spills and parking lot scapes. Call it patina. Call it normal wear and tear. Call it what you will — it’s what makes a used car “used.”

Buying a used car saves you money, but it also means picking up responsibility for all of these deficits, demerits, and scars. Some will need to be fixed immediately. Others can be left alone – sometimes for years, sometimes for good.

Listing Your Car for Sale? Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins

At Klipnik, we read lots of used car listings, and it’s not because they are so beautifully crafted. Usually the opposite is true. Most are hastily thrown together and lack key details.

Not only is this frustrating for buyers, who may drive halfway across town to discover that “needs a little TLC” means there’s a goat living in the backseat. For sellers, it’s worse because a lackluster ad can easily diminish the sale price of the vehicle.

The Best Way to Sell Your Car: Trade In vs. Carmax vs. Craigslist

Selling a used car can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Used cars are more popular than ever. Americans bought about 40,000,000 used vehicles last year, and according to the Wall Street Journal used cars values are on the rise.

This increased demand has also expanded the options when it’s time to sell your car. Used cars are big business, and the industry has responded with a new batch of online used car superstores like Carvana and Shift.