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At Klipnik, we believe that anyone should be able to find a great used car at a reasonable price.

Our Car Buying Tips teach shoppers how to navigate the used car market like a pro, and our Buyer’s Guides identify models that are especially good choices to buy used. We also share promising used car listings on our Find of the Day page.

As an independent company unaffiliated with car dealerships or manufacturers, Klipnik is uniquely positioned in the automotive space to provide unbiased guidance to consumers.

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“I have been obsessed with the BMW Z4 since I first saw it on the street in 2003. But I never was able to afford one. Last year, as the lease on my VW GTI was set to expire, I considered my options and realized that the depreciation on the early Z4 cars had worked magic, I started to research my options, and quickly came upon your April 2019 article Practical Buying Guide on the first-generation Z4. The article was fantastic and solidified my resolve to find a Z. And on December 14, 2019, I did — I am now the proud second owner of a 2006 BMW Z4 3.0i manual with a perfectly-working roof, a gorgeous-sounding engine, and only 68,400 miles! Loving my new ride! Thanks for the inspiration and good advice!”

–Lisa Carvalho from Berkeley, California

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