2001 Acura 3.2CL Type-S with 46k Miles

For October 2, 2020, our used car find is this pristine 2001 Acura 3.2CL Type-S with just 46k miles. It’s listed for sale on craigslist by a private seller in the Los Angeles area for $7500.

Here’s what makes this one special.

The second generation CL coupe was introduced to the US market for the 2001 model year. It’s basically a two-door version of Acura’s midsize TL sedan and uses many of the same components, which is not a bad thing. And the sportier Type-S trim ups the ante with a 260 hp V6 engine, beefier suspension components, and bigger wheels.

At the time, MotorTrend sampled one for a year-long test and came away with mostly effusive praise, particularly for the engine. They said, “The V-6 just freaking wails, making all the right noises, with good torque down low and VTEC-enhanced power up high, too.”

Only the 2003 CL Type-S model was available with a 6-speed manual gearbox, which makes it somewhat rare and collectable. As desirable as that may be, the 5-speed automatic present here suits the grand touring nature of the big coupe, though it has been known to be more failure-prone than you might expect coming from Honda.

This particular car is one of the nicest CLs we’ve seen. With not even 50k miles and an accident-free SoCal history, it’s about as close to new as you’ll find in a twenty-year-old Acura.

The Type-S details really set this one apart from lesser CLs. Its elegant lines look great in the original Taffeta White factory paint, while the cabin looks appropriately serious with its heavily bolstered, black leather seats and simple, white-faced gauges.

The asking price of $7500 is quite reasonable for such a clean, low-mile example. We’d even say it’s borderline cheap. It’s certainly hard to imagine a much nicer big coupe for that kind of money.

Vehicle Details

  • 2001 Acura 3.2CL Type-S
  • 46k miles
  • 3.2 liter V6 engine (260 hp)
  • 5-speed automatic transmission
  • Taffeta White on black leather
  • for sale by owner for $7500
  • Los Angeles, California
  • 19UYA42651A032738
  • link to craigslist listing HERE

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Notable Replies

  1. Hobbsm3


    Looks like this one just hammered on C&B for $6900. Shill bid or did sale not consummmate? Also this was being flipped as the previous CL ad was posted on here By @StephenL for $5k

  2. mark


    Good eye! Yes, this is the same car which Stephen found in August on craigslist (LINK) and that closed on Cars & Bids on Thursday (LINK). I’m guessing that the C&B bid fell through and now the seller re-listed it at the higher price. The text of both craigslist listings (August and now) is basically the same.

  3. StephenL


    Buyer beware. The first person who bought this off Craigslist reported it had undisclosed transmission issues and listed it back on sale at a discounted ~$4500. There may be some shenanigans going on with the seller and the car.

  4. mark


    Good to know. If you could get it at enough of a discount to account for a transmission rebuild (or manual swap?), it could still be pretty compelling. Then again, it’s almost never a good idea to buy a car from a dishonest seller…

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