2003 Honda S2000 in Suzuka Blue

For July 3, 2020, our used car find is this 71k mile 2003 Honda S2000, which is listed on craigslist by a private seller in Riverside, California, for $18,500.

Here’s what makes this car special.

Introduced in 1999 (as a 2000 model), the S2000 roadster is considered one of the purest sports cars ever made. With its 9000 rpm redline, stripped-down driver-focused cockpit, and hummingbird-like reflexes, it’s often been compared to a motorcycle with four wheels. In a 2003 comparison (which the S2000 won handily), Car and Driver called it “the most intense open two-seater you can buy south of Ferrari prices.”

This example comes from the final year of the first generation, dubbed AP1. While perhaps not quite as well-rounded as the later AP2 version, the AP1 is preferred by some enthusiasts for its more hard-edged character. We also prefer its slightly less aggressive styling, which looks great here in somewhat unusual Suzuka Blue on blue leather.

This one also sports an accident-free California history, relatively low miles, and no modifications — all qualities which are pretty rare in the world of used S2000s.

With most sellers asking twenty grand or more for S2000s in this sort of condition, the asking price here of $18,500 is quite reasonable.

Vehicle Details

  • 2003 Honda S2000
  • 71k miles
  • Suzuka Blue on blue leather
  • for sale by owner for $18,500
  • Riverside, California
  • link to craigslist listing HERE
  • JHMAP114X3T006493

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